Ten Second Epic

TEN SECOND EPIC — from Edmonton, Alberta consists of Andrew Usenik (vocals), Daniel Carriere (guitar), Craig Spelliscy (guitar), Sandy MacKinnon (bass guitar) and Patrick Birtles (drums).

Another band I’ve been wanting to see play live since there song “Old Habits Die Hard” which was I think back in 2007 on MuchMusic — was probably when I started listening to a few more of there songs and then again this year.

They recently just did a song with LIGHTS called “Every Day” and Andrew even made a joke about how sorry he was that LIGHTS couldn’t make it but that she will be playing in Victoria tomorrow night! You can check out the video for there song here.

There were SO MANY crowd-surfers during this set (holy smokes) – I only got about a couple shots because eventually I just wanted to listen to them play!

At one point there was a guy that somersaulted off the stage into the crowd, another was when two crowd-surfers jumped right over on top of each other! Pretty soon a few “regular jumpers” (including drummer Spencer Needham from ON CALL HEROES) were walking up the right side of the stage where a few ran and jumped right off and others just spread-eagled out and fell forward in hopes of being caught. It was incredible!

Before all the major “leaps of faith” off-stage, Andrew Usenik kindly asked that “if anyone beside you or who is crowd-surfing falls down, help pick them back up again — we all just want to have a good time!” And the night was history…

The band is currently on there Fall Tour, “Better Off” with ACRES OF LIONS and you can check out there tour dates here.

You can purchase there new album on iTunes right now!

To find out more about the band, check out there Website, Facebook, MySpace, Tumblr, YouTube and follow them on Twitter!

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