On Call Heroes

ON CALL HEROES — consisting of Bronson McMahon (Vocals), Blaine McMahon (Bass/ Vocals), Chris Steel (Guitar), and Spencer Needham (Drums) all hailing from Victoria, B.C. What started up as a group of friends playing music to pass the time, ended up playing for larger crowds and gaining popularity and recognition in the music scene.

Just recently completing there second album “Brotherhood” produced by Travis Saunders, the band is well on there way!

I’ve only just heard of this band the beginning of this month, so like always, I’m always excited to hear a band for the first time live and ON CALL HEROES delivered hands-down! The fact that it was an all-ages show garnered even more excitement for all those who aren’t old enough yet to go to live shows at clubs or other venues. Victoria should definitely hold more of these events!

You can check out more of there music and the band themselves on there Website, Bandcamp page, Facebook, MySpace and follow them on Twitter for more updates.

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