Urban Woman, Metropolitan Man: An Urban Fashion Show

As most of you already know, my niche is taking photos of bands and live shows, but I figured I’d try something different and see how taking photos at a fashion show would go.

As luck would have it a couple of my friends are partaking in a fashion show organized by the UVic GIFA Design Club (hosted by TOUCH Lounge), where all proceeds goes towards the Queen Alexandra Foundation for Children in hopes of raising money for an Early-intervention Mental Development program.  GIFA’s founder UVic student Mika Ishizaki started this design club back in September (2010) where the club participated in many community events.

With the help of Tessah Clark and other members of the design club they were able to secure sponsors from local clothing businesses and boutiques:

Mysi Majority
Luv It Boutique
Bliss Boutique
KoKo Boutique
Rebel Rebel

The two main sponsors for this event are: DalyCo and Vixen Hair Salon

It was definitely a lot of fun and I hope they raised enough money for their cause!

Here’s a few photos from the start of the fashion show where everyone is getting ready for the night: getting hair and make-up done, figuring out which order each person is supposed to go, how many poses to do, how long each pose should be, a few test-runs — all culminating to the actual event.

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