Aidan Knight

I first heard of Aidan Knight from a friend of mine at University.  It wasn’t until I saw him perform at The Tall Tree Music Festival earlier this year did I understand why.  Aidan has an amazing voice and sense of humour that it’s hard not to like him! Joined along side him is Julia Wakal, Olivier Clements, Colin Nealis, and David Barry — who are all wonderful musicians themselves.  Unfortunately I didn’t catch the name of another girl who was there as well (sorry).

I wouldn’t say Tall Tree was the last time I saw him though, it was more like when Hey Ocean was playing at Felicita’s at UVic (September) and Aidan and Julia were there leaning against the wall casually listening and enjoying the show. At least until they ran up on stage and began drumming away on whatever that was closest to them along to one of the songs! It was an awesome surprise!

Regardless of having keyboard issues while trying to play a song about Belgium, which I think was called “Lambics” — he did what any musician would do during technical difficulties, make a good joke (whether the crowd got it or not) and just laugh it off.

By the way, “Friendly Fires” is an AWESOME song!

We were talkers long before this ever present silence 
We talked too long ago 
Now it's quiet

I got to meet and talk to him before the show and he was very nice and taller from when I last saw him (haha). After getting a photo with him to flaunt to my friend via Blackberry Messenger — I totally forgot to grab his album….. (fail! or maybe it was kharma…).

Now I need to find out when he plays next so I can fix that!

You can check out more about his music on his Website, Facebook BandPage, and BandCamp page as well as following him on Twitter!

Oh! And you can also check out his and Julia’s Awktober EP released in October 2008 as well right here. It’s just as amazing!

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