White Arrows

From Canyon Country, CA came the WHITE ARROWS (Mickey Church, Juice, Brother Henry Church, Steven Vernet, Andrew Naeve).

The first band to open for THE NAKED AND FAMOUS at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, B.C. and they were solid and did not disappoint.  From the start it was a little bit hard to hear the vocals and all I could hear were the instruments.  But every now and again when you could hear the lyrics it was stil very well done! There stage performance was awesome and interactive.  Near the end the drummer came out to the front of the stage and got everyone to smile as he snapped photos from his phone!

White Arrows are currently on tour with TNAF so make sure to check them out if they’re in your area!

You can check out there Facebook BandPage or follow them on Twitter. There Website is currently “under construction” (which is what i’m assuming when I got an error).

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