The Naked And Famous

I’ve been looking forward to seeing TNAF perform LIVE for the LONGEST time!!! I was stoked! I was almost worried that they wouldn’t sound like there album but I was reassured after watching live videos on YouTube and when they did an “electric” session at Baeble Music at The Bowery Electric (check the video here) I was even more pumped!

I was really looking forward to them playing “No Way” and “Girls Like You” (desperately). As soon as I heard the keys for “No Way” starting to play I got goosebumps (legit). There performance was amazing playing all 13 songs off the “Passive Me, Aggressive You” album. If you haven’t checked it out, why haven’t you?! It’s sooo good! I pretty much had this album and Adele’s “21” on rotation for 3 months straight!

Band members including: Aaron Short, Alisa Xayalith, David Beadle, Jesse Wood and Thom Powers.

Unfortunately, as soon as they started to play “Girls Like You” I had to leave because my car is parked at a parkade that closes at 12am! So I was really sad when I heard them sing it as I was walking away (there last song of the evening, I don’t even know if they did an encore! I don’t want to know….) If only they had started right at 10:30p but it took the crew at least a half hour to set up everything. (Oh well…) I’m sure it was epic! And I hope to catch them again soon, whenever they come back to Canada.

TNAF is currently taking over the world! (U.S., New Zealand, U.K., and Australia). You can check out there tour dates and more about the band on there Website, Facebook MusicPage, MySpace, YouTube, Tumblr and on Twitter!

Look at all those links! You pretty much have no choice BUT to start listening/following them! I’m pretty excited to hear what there next album will be like. But “Passive Me, Aggressive You” is definitely one of my top favourite albums for sure!

Have fun on tour Aaron, Alisa, David, Jesse, and Thom!!! (Please come back soon!)

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