The Chain Gang of 1974

Led by Kamtin Mohager, THE CHAIN GANG OF 1974, are on tour with THE NAKED AND FAMOUS until the end of October, from then on him and his band will be touring the States themselves.

Like WHITE ARROWS they were the second band to open up for TNAF and they were also a band I’ve only just recently listened to the night before! I liked there album immediately and downloaded there digital album, “Wayward Fire.” You can download there digital album and find out where they will be touring on there Website.

Giving an amazing performance, with Kamtin strutting some phenomenal dance moves on stage, kind of bit like Chandler Bing’s dance on ‘FRIENDS’ (laughs).  At one point he jumped off of the stage with the mic stand in hand and continued on singing in the crowd! Mind blown.

You can also check out there Facebook BandPage and follow Kamtin on Twitter for more updates!

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