Foster The People

Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, came Mark Foster (vocals, keyboards, piano, synthesizers, guitar, programming, percussion), Mark Pontius (drums and extra percussion), and Cubbie Fink (bass and backing vocals).  Sean Cimino (guitar, keyboard, synthesizer, and backing vocals) and Isom Innis (keyboard, piano, and backing vocals), also tour with the band.

The band started out in 2009, and their first hit single, “Pumped Up Kicks” in 2011 gained popularity right away. I first heard them on a Tumblr blog site “felldowntherabbithole” (aka. Dianna Agron) and the song didn’t quite stick with me until I’ve heard it a few more times (I don’t know why, because the song is amazing!).

They played at Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, B.C., having Reptar opening for them. I didn’t get many shots of that band because I just found out that the camera that I brought was too “professional because you can change the lens” so I was not allowed to take photos with it. As you can tell, I sneakily tried to take photos for Foster The People … around 70 shots in, I was told to put my camera away (sad face).  At least now I know what camera to bring for next time (Fact #1: Vancouver seems a bit more strict with which camera’s you can take photos with than Victoria).  But I was still able to take some pretty good photos so I can’t complain.

The show was amazing Foster The People opened up with a cover from MGMT “Electric Feel” and it was so wonderfully done! And even more impressive that they are playing a second set right after this one! (Props!)

The band is currently touring in the U.S., then Europe, then finishing up in Japan. I wish them the best of luck! And I hope to see them perform again soon!

For tour dates and more information about the band you can check out there Website, Facebook BandPage, and/or follow them on Twitter.

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