Quoia “Wildside” CD Release Party

I first met Mike Hann and the rest of the band at V.I.C. Fest back in June 2011 (Jeff Scotney on bass, Keith Chopper on drums, Mike Roma on guitar and banjo, Alex Nicholls on mandolin and violin and Chris Van Sickle on keys). That was the first time I’ve actually heard any of there music as well.

Soon after that, I was invited to take photos at Tall Tree Music Festival by Mike (Hann) and was delighted to go and met many more bands after that! I can’t thank him and Radio Contact Productions enough for allowing me to shoot for them.

Tonight they have just released there 2nd album “Wildside” at Canoe Brew Pub in Victoria, B.C. garnering much attention through their popular weekly sessions. The night quickly grew in popularity and consistently packed the 410-person venue to capacity.

There album is available on iTunes and 10% of the proceeds will be going to the Ancient Forest Alliance.

The night started out with a fantastic opening from Carmanah and ended with a phenominal set by the band along with the occasional female vocals of Maria Barrington-Foote and Dave Dirt on trombone and Matt Carter on the saxophone.

To find out more about the band check out there Website, Facebook BandPage and/or follow them on Twitter!

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