One of my favourite bands this summer, CARMANAH hits up the stage to open for Quoia’s album release tonight!

If you don’t know the names by now, take note: Daniel Frey plays the drums and conch; Jesse Crawford plays the bass and vocals; Laura Mitic – “the girl who loves to climb trees” as I have learned tonight (laughs) does the vocals, guitar, fiddle and the flute; Mike Baker on guitar and saxophone; Pat Ferguson on guitar, vocals and the djembe.

I got to talk with them before the show and they are such a fun bunch! I also received a copy of there EP (finally!). Favourite two songs are “When I’m Out Walking” and “Coachella” — both songs were so memorable when I first heard them sing it back in May when they opened for Sunday Buckets. It has such a profound effect on the crowd that you can’t help but jump up and down and clap your hands! (I recommend you listen to it either on there Facebook page or MySpace! Just listen to everything they have there!)

Starting only maybe a year ago, they’re quickly becoming a well-known band stealing the hearts of new and old fans alike! I can’t wait to see them progress to having there own show where bands will be opening for them! Carmanah is definitely a band to watch out for this year!

Carmanah are hoping to record there first album this November (yay!).

Next up for them: They will be opening for Jon & Roy, October 15th at the Electric Owl in Vancouver (get tickets here) and on November 18th at Sugar Night Club in Victoria. Details here on the Facebook Event Page and you can purchase tickets on TicketWeb.

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