The Scale Breakers

The morning started off slowly as the weather gloomed over with grey clouds and rain. The first band of the day was The Scale Breakers consisting of SUBS & Guy Woods hailing from Nanaimo and Victoria, B.C.

Promoting their Debut album “Leftovers”, the prequel to their upcoming studio release “FOOOOD” already featuring Strange Music’s own Tech N9ne & Krizz Kaliko also Swollen Member’s own Mad Child & more, they used their music to heighten up the first few rounds of stragglers spirit from the melancholy weather. And they succeeded!

Despite the rain Rifflandiers were out with their hands in the air and cheering along with smiles (from the performers to festival-goers) the crowd was getting amped!

You can find out more about them on there Website, YouTube, MySpace, Facebook BandPage or follow them on Twitter!

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