Kuba Oms + The Velvet Revolution

What can I say about Kuba Oms + The Velvet Revolution?

They can give a smashing performance in the wind and rain and still be able bring out the sunshine for the rest of the day! Super powers? Possibly.

You may have heard the name Kuba Oms being repeated onto the radio or their new hit single “Electrolove” being blasted onto the airwaves or remixes ripping out on the dance floors — “We went back to our dance roots as we couldn’t help but notice that pop radio is all about the dance music these days.”

With Jeff Scotney on bass, Paul Kannaspuro on guitar and flute, John Jamin on keys and Thomas Shields on drums — helps makes this dreary rainy day into one of the best sets at Rifflandia on Sunday!

People were rain-dancing over the wet grass, splashing around puddles as they cheered and danced in the rain as Kuba sings out with such energy and style (dressed all in white with blue and white checkered slip-ons). As him and his band play through the wind and rain, Kuba is making a clear statement to his fans and maybe first-time listeners that not even the rain can bring their groove down!

For more information, check out his Website, Facebook Music Page, MySpace, YouTube and Twitter!

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