Riding the train of cloud parted skies and sunshine came Greenlaw one of a handful of bands I’ve only heard of recently.

“Skyla and Ozzie share a belief in a higher power, and infuse their music with a strong sense of personal spirituality. Much of their original work, created over 13 years, is dedicated to the strength of the human spirit. Always seeking to push the boundaries of their unique musical style, they have embarked on a side project called SKYlab Sounds to experiment with Beats Bass, their true musical passion, and Voice. Their ultimate goal as musicians is to inspire, and uplift, their audiences.”

The first song I ever listened from them was on there Facebook BandPage¬†“Less Of A Star” (Original mix) and it was brilliant. I’ve always liked vocal trance / dub-step mixes (original or otherwise) so I was looking forward to seeing them perform at Rifflandia. They gave an outstanding performance!

You can find out more about the band on there Website.

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