Another band I’m not really familiar with and was curious to check out was Gomez. The band consists of Ian Ball, Paul Blackburn, Tom Gray, Ben Ottewell and Olly Peacock from Southport, UK.

There new studio album, “Whatever’s On Your Mind” is available now which you can purchase on iTunes.  I listened to a few of there songs online and was pretty amazed that the 10-piece song that they’ve all written separately and came together later to work on had turned out so brilliantly.

“Instead of getting together to write and record, the Transatlantic five-piece set up an online hub for their homemade demos. They tasked each other with delivering a set number of songs per week – each of which the other band members could modify at will. “I think we all knew the intensity of how good we wanted to make the record.” says drummer Olly Peacock. Many months were committed to focusing these musical chain letters. Over 50 compositions whittled down and blended. 

To find out more about the band check out there Website and Facebook BandPage.

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