Sunhawk had the honour of kicking off the start of Saturday’s energy-filled, blood-pumping, music-filled day and what a great start it was!

I’ve only actually heard of this band a month ago when I saw there music video “Shotgun Love” that was released early August this year and was further pumped when a mutual friend of ours raved about the band even more! ¬†Matt Longpre (Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Keys), Ben Robertson (Vocals, Bass, Guitar) and Keenan Murray (Vocals, Drums) gave an excellent performance as well as a great cover to Grizzly Bear’s “Two Weeks” (which I was ecstatic for because I yelled out the song title after they said they were going to do a cover from them *insert cheer!*)

I hope to see more of these guys play again in the future!

You can learn more about the band and listen to their music on their Website, Facebook BandPage, MySpace, YouTube, and follow them on Twitter.

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