Jets Overhead

At the start of Summer, I’ve only heard Jets Overhead on the radio. Now, I’ve been lucky enough to have seen them perform live three times (this year!). Ever since I first saw them perform at Tall Tree Music Festival (2011) up at Port Renfrew, there stage performance has been anything if not amazing each and every time!

Adam Kittredge, Antonia Freybe-Smith, Jocelyn Greenwood, Piers Henwood and Luke Renshaw released a new digital EP, “BYSTANDER” (Available now worldwide!).

“BYSTANDER, is that casual cool someone. The songs, recorded back during the original studio sessions for our last album, NO NATIONS, have been patiently waiting to arrive in the next cab, and now they’re finally here. There’s so much to tell them. So much has happened since we left them behind!”

Make sure to buy a copy!

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