City and Colour

The most anticipated performance of the night! Former Alexisonfire Dallas Green gave an outstanding performance to thousands of Rifflandiers tonight!

On his last stop on tour in Canada, he was greeted by many Canadians cheering and yelling out song requests at Dallas Green to sing. During the first slew of songs he sang, his entire band left the stage leaving Dallas with his acoustic guitar and his ONE favour to ask to the crowd: “Please refrain from taking pictures and videos on your cellphone or cameras, and just enjoy the music! Sometimes we forget to just live in the moment!” And so begins his set with just him. His guitar. And his voice. Which left many of us (including myself) with our eyes closed and basking in the moment as Dallas Green sings to us.

I honestly didn’t take any photos after that. His performance was amazing! And I felt bad for one of his band members for breaking three of his fingers beforehand because of a mud pit backstage that they were “hoarsing around in, because [we] being boys” said Dallas (laughs) but had asked the doctor if he could still play tonight and there he stood (I wish I caught his name) – the crowd cheered!

There was a moment during his last set when he told the crowd that it will be his last song of the evening, the crowd started to boo, Dallas Green just let out a “Shh!” diffusing the sound of boo-ing instantly. “Don’t boo! That’s just rude!” he responded back to them, he then proceeded to tell a joke and everyone started to laugh.

When he played “The Girl” and “Day Old Hate” I was a goner…

City and Colour will be heading to Germany next on there tour in Europe! You can check out more of the band on there Website, Facebook BandPage, YouTube, Twitter, and MySpace.

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