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There were so many bands that I’ve wanted to see play live, and I’m SO HAPPY to be able to cross Hey Ocean off my list because they were INCREDIBLE!!! Ashleigh Ball with her incredible vocals and flute-playing and CB-percussion bell set abilities was amazing to watch, along with David Vertesi (bass guitar, vocals, keytar), David Beckingham (guitar, vocals), and three other guys (who I’m so sorry I couldn’t hear the names to because Vertigo was just so loud from the screaming crowd!)

The performance was just amazing, the band was very humorous and full of energy. One point of the set they did a cover to “Be My Baby” by The Ronettes (who of course reminded most people, including myself of ‘Dirty Dancing’) and I swear at one point they sang the first few verses to Coldplay’s “Fix You”!  With bubbles floating above everyone’s head to suggesting that every one could lose “some particles of clothing” during their song “Make A New Dance Up” — Hey Ocean delivered to Victoria’s UVic students all right.

At one point near the end of the set, they were joined in by Aidan Knight and Julia Wakal (whom I haven’t seen perform since Tall Tree Music Festival back in June) as they ran up on stage and started drumming along with everyone on stage it was awesome!

Congratulations Hey Ocean on touring with Said the Whale later this year! And I hope to see them perform again soon!

You can check out there Facebook BandPage and YouTube Channel to hear and learn more about them!

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