Tree Lines

Treelines is a band I wanted to check out ever since I heard they were one of the bands from the Peak Performance Project, so I was pretty stoked to hear them play.

Treelines consist of Matt Lockhart (vocals, guitar), Matt Kelly (piano/guitar) and Steve Lockhart (bass).  As soon as they started to play you can feel the energy in the club rise as everyone started to jump up and down screaming and singing along.  It was such a great pumped-up atmosphere and I was pretty impressed with their stage performance. It was amazing!

“If the Weakerthans had a love child with the Gaslight Anthem, and Joel Plaskett raised that child, you would have something close to Treelines.”

Treelines will be playing next at The Peak Performance Concert Series #4 on Sept 29th at the Red Room Ultrabar in Vancouver.  I would definitely go see them again and encourage everyone else too as well!

Check out there site here and there Facebook BandPage

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