Not only was it my first time meeting and listening to Matt Goud live it was also his first time performing in Victoria, B.C. as well.

Born in Saskatchewan, Matt has already had numerous tours under his belt all across North America. The first song I ever listened by him “Free Tonight” (you can listen on his BandPage on Facebook), is phenomenal.  Even after playing so many tours in front of crowds of people, he was still very humble and in a shy-like manner explains he was nervous playing for us tonight as it was his first time here. He had nothing to worry about because he played wonderfully and passionately that I look forward into watching and hearing him play live again soon!

His ability to connect and adapt to a broad audience is what many say sets him apart. The material offers a unique commentary on life, its movement and stages told as an aspiring young prairie poet. ‘I think of my writing as thoughtful but fun, it’s something I enjoy and that I think I need,’ laughs Goud.

Not with him at the time but who are also in his band, Goud is joined by John Jeffery (drums), Tyler Schwindt (Guitar/Bass) and John Gerrard (Bass). You can pick up their latest album “Gather No Dust” in stores right now! I suggest you do!

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