Mike Edel

I first saw Mike Edel perform at the Tall Tree Music Festival (photos here) earlier in the Summer in June.  I was recommended to go check him out by Nigel Barry who is also the drummer in his band (as luck would have it).

I was not disappointed, as soon as Mike started playing a large crowd gathered in front of the stage cheering the band on.  The same thing happened tonight when he played at Sugar. Edel plays with such energy and enthusiasm that draws crowds in. When he sang the song “Two Of Us” everyone started to sing along the chorus with him! It was incredible!

Mike Edel will also be performing at Rifflandia Music Festival this year on Friday, September 23rd at 2pm on the side stage at Royal Athletic Park. So if you haven’t checked him out during his many tours across Western Canada and the Pacific Coastal States or at music festivals (like I did) –  you can check him out there! Totally worth it.

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