Acres of Lions “Collections” CD Release

After amazing opening performances from Northcote, Mike Edel, and Treelines came the highly anticipated band of the evening..Acres of Lions!

You can tell there were a lot of close friends and long-time fans that came out to the show – almost every one was screaming out a name from someone in the band! This is the second time I’ve seen this band perform. I’ve listened to their music before I saw them perform at V.I.C. Fest back in June and they do not disappoint!

But back to the show tonight, as soon as Jeff Kalesnikoff (vocals, guitar) started singing with Tyson Yerex (guitar, keys, vocals) to his right and Dan Ball (bass, vocals) to his left with Lewis Carter (drums) behind, the crowd went bananas and started to sing along to every song the band sung!

Acres of Lions are also part of the PEAK Performance Project and will be playing the PEAK Performance Project Concert Series #2 on Sept 16 at Red Room Ultrabar in Vancouver, B.C.

If you miss them there they are also playing at this years Rifflandia Music Festival at the Victoria Event Centre on Sept 24th – you won’t want to miss out on either of these performances!

Check out there website and Facebook BandPage as well to learn more about this awesome band and to hear some of their music.

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