Man Made Lake

This is the second time I get to see these boys perform (Colin Craveiro, Nate Bailey, John Flatman, Steve Parker, Brent Gosse, Eric Hogg, and Morgan Hradecky) since they opened for Kuba Oms at Club 9one9 back in July (Check out photos from there performance here).

I always look forward to watching these guys perform, not only because I graduated with a few of them and every time they perform I always see someone else from our old high school, but because they always put on a great show!  The crowd just goes crazy with all the screaming and the yelling and the crazy dancing – always a good time!

You can check out these guys next time at Rifflandia this year at the Royal Athletic Park later on this month (starting September 22-25).

Seriously, if you still haven’t seen these boys perform yet, you should definitely go check them out!

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