Chris Ho

The second opening act to Man Made Lake tonight is Chris Ho, alongside with him Rob Phillips on the drums and Esme John playing the bass (Robin Friesen who plays the violin and some of the vocals was not present). Again this is another first for me in seeing these musicians perform.

Like “River” I limited myself to listening to maybe one song and reading a little bit about the artist beforehand. ¬†As soon as Chris and his band came on, you can already tell he had quite the following (in terms of fans and friends alike).

They put on an awesome performance – midway in-between, one of Chris’ guitar strings snapped but kept on playing! That’s a true professional and performer right there, I would imagine it would be a bit strange playing with only 5-strings (but clearly not for him). So props! After a couple songs in, Sam Weber from “River” was kind enough to lend him his electric guitar to use for the rest of his set.

I wish I could’ve taken more photos of this band, but there were already two photographers there taking photos and I didn’t really want to get in there way.

I hope to see Chris and his band play again soon!

Check out his BandPage on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and MySpace.

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