BEHIND THE SCENES: Current Swell MV shoot “Brads Song”

It’s around 3 in the afternoon as I met up with the video crew on Dallas Rd. waiting for the band to show up.  It was such a nice day, even with a little bit of overcast – the temperature in the air was still warm. The band showed up and they decided to shoot the video at a small beach down from where we were so we made our way over, musical instruments and video gear in tow.  (I helped carry the drums cymbals and a tiny back-pack…not so sure how helpful I was…)

We finally got there and they found a flat surface over on the rocks and decided to set up there.  It was a fun shoot, although I’m sure at some times irritating because they had to re-shoot a few times because of the seaplanes and helicopters that kept passing by…but the view was GORGEOUS and those who were walking by were very nice and respectful of not getting in the way of the video-shoot as were the crew and band members who were also respectful in answering questions on what the video or song was about to curious onlookers.

This song, from what I’ve learned the past few times I’ve heard them play is dedicated to a very close friend of theirs, Brad (hence “Brads Song”) Shuttleworth, who suffered from a spinal cord injury and unfortunately passed away in 2009. It’s a great heart-felt song so make sure to check it out when it’s done! (music video here)

Current Swell recently did a benefit concert a week ago (photos here) – please help donate by downloading the LIVE concert video here and choose one of the following donation amounts.

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