Sunday Buckets

@ Inner Harbor (Victoria, B.C.)

I haven’t seen these boys (Kale Penny, Eric Frazer, Jarrett Penny, Chris Taylor and Nick McRae) perform since Tall Tree Music Festival so it was good seeing them again playing for the crowds of people that were there earlier that day to watch the Dragonboat races happening at the Inner Harbor.  Having the stage right near the Beer Garden didn’t hurt either as fans old/new started cheering, some even asking me if I knew what the band was called (probably because i’m carting around a huge camera around my neck) I happily told them.

Although there wasn’t any “dance party” happening on the stage (this time) they did start a little tiny dance party with two of the most adorable kids who weren’t too shy to dance by the stage.

They just completed a music video called “Don’t Shoot” which will be out this Friday August 19th! Check the band out here:

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