@ Sugar Night Club Victoria, B.C.

Soon-to-be an almost favorite for myself (I can tell) Carmanah is such a high-energy band that I’m sure if I heard more of their stuff I would be wanting to go see every show they perform at!

The band consists of Daniel Frey (Drums), Jesse Crawford (bass, vocals), Laura Mitic (vocals, guitar, fiddle, flute), Mike Baker (guitar, saxophone) and Pat Ferguson (vocals, guitar, djembe).

I mean have you ever seen a band play with a djembe?! I haven’t! and it was awesome! It’s such a nice eclectic mix of different types of instruments that it all works out brilliantly! And they also have a fiddle! A FIDDLE!

I hope to see them perform again soon!

Check out there Facebook BandPage and MySpace page!

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