Bonnie Dune

BONNIE DUNE — a band hailing from California and British Columbia, the venue was packed with devoted fans and fans of the show GLEE as drummer Cory Monteith (native to both Victoria and Vancouver) returns to play a show with his band.  That doesn’t mean the other band members fall short either, they are just as amazing!

Members consist of Justin Wilczynski (Vocals, guitar), Seth Roberts (Guitar, vocals), Cory Monteith (Drums, vocals), and Joshua Kerr (Bass).

Bonnie Dune played a wonderful show! I almost wish they would release more songs because the concert was just way too short when they finished playing – I wanted more! But I’ve heard that they’re writing more music and will be recording soon – so all is not lost! There was much excitement in the air of shouting, cheering, and screaming! I stayed in the corner avoiding the craziness as I snapped away some photos!

“Bonnie Dune started in Paso Robles California as just two childhood friends, Justin Wilczynski and Jason Massey, writing, playing,and recording music for fun, hoping to someday put a full band together…It was while on Kaya that the two actors, Justin and Cory Monteith, became fast friends and shared their passion for music. Many jam sessions and years later, it was Cory’s idea and encouragement to give new life to Bonnie Dune. With Cory on drums and Justin as lead singer/guitarist, they set out to find the two remaining members that would be the perfect fit for the group. First person to come to mind was talented bass player Joshua Kerr, who Justin had kept in touch with after meeting through a music producer and mutual friend.” 

Check out there Facebook BandPage and on Twitter! Each band member have their own Twitter accounts too, which I will leave to you to find!

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