Current Swell

@ Sugar Night Club Victoria, B.C.

A big thank you to the band’s manager Stephen Franke, for allowing me the first opportunity and experience to take pictures of the band playing live to an almost sold-out show!

This band came together in 2004 on Vancouver Island.  Band members including Scott Stanton, David Lang, Chris Petersen, Ghosty Boy, and Dave St. Jean.

Already a local favorite in Victoria, B.C., “grown through 2 full-length albums, 3 national tours, 5 regional tours including a support tour for Australia’s The Beautiful Girls and opening slots for bands such as Xavier Rudd, illScarlett and Bedouin Soundclash while making many fans and friends along the way.” They will be going on there first West Coast tour in the next few weeks!

I can’t wait to see them perform again on Canada Day this year!

“Their energetic live show incorporates folk, blues, reggae, rock and ska; appealing to diversified crowds while creating one definitive sound.”

Check out there website, MySpace page, Facebook BandPage and YouTube channel.

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