The Dodos

The Dodos is an American Indie band consisting of Meric Long and Logan Kroeber.

Already having released 3 albums: Dodo Bird EP (2005), Beware Of The Maniacs (2006) and Visiter (2008).  “The reason it’s [Visiter] misspelled is because it’s from a drawing this kid gave us. We played a show for a bunch of kids in South Central L.A.—Dorsey High. A friend’s sister is a special-ed teacher there, so we went down there to her class and we played for the kids and it was super fun. Then it came to the kids asking us questions and then one of the kids came up to us and he gave us a drawing with that written on it. The drawing is the cover actually of the album, and just—I dunno we liked it. Actually we used all of the drawings that the kids made in the artwork on the album.”

You can check out there website for when and where they are touring.

Like I stated earlier in the Reading Rainbow excerpt that I wrote, I haven’t been to a concert in so long.  And as soon as The Dodos started to play – it made me remember why I liked going to live shows in the first place! I miss feeling the pounding of the drums that just blows right into your chest as you’re standing only inches away and you can feel a slight breeze as the guitars and bass guitars start to go off the speakers, that there’s this exhilarance that showers over you – the feeling was just amazing! Now I’m hooked.

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