NikonCanada’s “Moments to Remember” Photo Contest 2010

Moments to Remember Contest 2010

I won a NIKON COOLPIX L110 for this picture with 178 votes! My first photo contest win! Thank you to ALL those who voted!!

This is what I wrote for my entry:

Moments to Remember: Before life got complicated and Love was just something you heard on the radio and on movie screens – this was the moment when life was us breathing in the summer air as we held onto each others hands and jumping into the unknown of what the future has for us. Whether you were the one who jumped in or the one watching. In that moment, we were all so carefree and all that mattered was us and our friends and the summer we spent together at our friends cabin. Having a blast! Moments can be fleeting and friends may come and go – but in that moment, it meant everything to us.


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